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It all started with a garden bench…

We’re outside junkies.  Nature junkies. Plant hoarders.
It’s nearly an addiction.
Bealer grew up on a farm and I have no real excuse…I just looove plants.
So this year, we decided to build a greenhouse of sorts so we could start our garden early
and have something to entertain our stir crazy souls in the bleak of winter.
My parents recently moved from their huge house into a cute little 1925 bungalow.
They needed to replace the old windows….so we got them!
So what started with a garden bench…
Garden bench made with old tongue & groove, used truck lumber and other recycled materials.
Turned into this…
The entire project which was supervised by this…
Carl the very lazy supervisor.
Who sometimes had to crack the whip…
Get to work!
It’s our first greenhouse so we’ve been monitoring the temperatures day and night.
(A day/night thermometer which records temperature high and low for each day does exist, but we like to kick it old school.)
We have a small space heater in the middle of the room and so far, during our coldest nights (about 5 degrees outside) it’s been above 36 degrees in the greenhouse.
On average, it’s about 23 degrees warmer in than out.
Outside temp today.
Inside temp today.

Plenty warm enough for some lovely little violas  (they’re not supposed to be so leggy but Bealer has a little problem with overfertilization….and I like them like that!)

And it all turned out to be a warm and lovely little place to sit on a cold winter’s day.

This winter and spring we’ll be growing a potato plant in a bucket, a tomato plant, and starting seedlings for the garden.  More posts about those to follow.

Do you have a greenhouse?  Have any tips and tricks you’d like to share?
Let us know!


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