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Holding on til Spring!

As we’re in the midst of the dull and dreary doldrum of winter…I thought I’d share a little loveliness to get you through ’til Spring.  Or at least through the day.
We’ll start with Reds.  ‘Cuz she’s cute.  And constantly trying to drink every drink I have.
She’s given up on this day and gone for the watering can.
Apparently the kitty water fountain in their room isn’t as interesting.
And some bleeding hearts.  These are the first to come up in
our garden every year.  They were Bealer’s grandmothers and they’ve
been planted and transplanted through many years and many homes.
Some tomatoes.  ‘Cuz I just can’t wait to have some fresh, ripe tomatoes off the vine!
Tulips, daffodils and hyacinth at my parent’s old house.
 In honor of my Gran, one Mother’s Day, my family (all 17 of us) planted a bazillion spring bulbs.
Which turned into these!
Our cute, little chicken coop.  Built entirely out of found and
recycled materials. And our first flock o’ chickens and ducks.
They were Betty, Orange, Poofyhead, Napoleon, and Wellington.
The ducks are Chris and Horace.
And…. Carl.  Because he’s strange. And in Bealer’s jacket.
Less than one month til Spring!
And plants!
And some sunshine!
Do you get Spring Fever?  Have any ideas to get you through the bleak days of winter?
Do share daaahling. Do share 🙂

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