Privacy Policy


Our very private Privacy Policy.

We value your privacy. A lot. Just as much as our own. Which is a lot. Hence our very private privacy policy.

We will never, ever, not for cookies or cake, puppies or even under threat of tickle torture, intentionally rent, sell or give away your personal information to anyone. We also won’t spam you or clutter up your inbox because we don’t like that either.  Pinky swear.

You may see links to products or services on our site sometimes.  We may or may not get a small commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to follow a link & a make a purchase.  We may occasionally add a link to some of the products we make as well.* We appreciate it hugely when you do either of those as it helps us keep this blog going (surprisingly, they’re not cheap) and supports a small business. Or you can just read our stuff.  That makes us happy too! A person is nothing without their word, and we promise we’ll never link to anything that we don’t believe to be quality.

*If the mood strikes ya’, you can find our handcrafted boho stained glass and decorative ironwork on the web at:

Our own online store: Mountain Woman Products

or on etsy as:  organicmountainwoman