seven ways to avoid late fees when you're broke the frugal hippie

7 Ways to Avoid Late Fees When You’re Broke

Late fees and penalties suck. Plain and simple. They’re a total waste of your hard earned money. At the least, extra fees are the last thing you need when you’re already struggling to pay bills. And, at worst, paying late may be affecting your credit. But how can you avoid late fees when you’re already … Read more

DIY Natural Wasp Killer Spray with Wasp in background

DIY Natural Wasp Killer Spray (Because Wasps Are Ninjas)

If the devil had a ninja attack squad, it would be comprised of wasps. Their floppy legs, angular bodies, permanent cranky stank face, and invisible kamikaze kung fu attack tactics bring terror to my very soul. Which is why we all need DIY Natural Wasp Killer Spray. When it comes to stinging insects, I’d rather … Read more

Cutting the cord from cable fuzzy tv in background

Cutting the Cord From Cable: Netflix vs Hulu vs Sling

Cutting the cord from cable is easy. We’ll show you how, and get you saving money with a little comparison of Netflix vs Hulu vs Sling. Cable is expensive. And dare I say….unnecessary? *gasping all around*. Stay with me here…it doesn’t sound so crazy if I tell you that you can save $1,000 or more … Read more

Spring with stained glass blue air plant holder

Spring Cleaning: 16 Things You Forget to Clean

Nothing says Spring like a a good Spring Cleaning. Except maybe sunshine, daffodils, & flip flops. But, daffodils are self-cleaning and flip-flops are well, flip-flops. So here’s a mighty list of the 16 Things You’re Forgetting to Spring Clean. And, in Frugal Hippie style, we’ll show you how to clean it all naturally & on … Read more

How to make butternut squash

Butternut Squash – a Simple Recipe

Butternut squash tastes goooood. Like sweet potatoes and a pumpkin had a love child good. And it’s versatile. You can make them into soup, eat them as a side dish or snack, make them savory or sweet, or mash them up for homemade baby food. I’m a ridiculously picky eater and generally only eat so … Read more

SeaGypsysVardo Feature Friday

The fabulous Cherie of Sea Gypsy’s Vardo Blog interview us about our small shop, Mountain Woman Products, for Featured Friday and we’re sooooo thankful and sooooo excited! Here’s a pic and a tiny excerpt: Cherie embodies the Gypsy spirit with her fabulously eclectic bohemian style. And her beauty and soul radiate through her honest words, … Read more