Welcome to The Frugal Hippie

Well, helloooo! I’m Shannie and this is The Frugal Hippie.

I’m a long time believer that every day should end with dirty feet and messy hair. I have embodied that belief with ease due to my serious disdain for shoes and my super fine four pieces of curly hair are naturally a wild mess. My ridiculously attractive Farmboy hubs and I have a dream of living without debt and still enjoying our life ’til we get there.

We’re two normal (welllll…) working class people from PA who don’t have a lot of money, (Farmboy is an ironworker and I have a small shop called Mountain Woman Products where I handcraft fun hippie stuff).  But we’ve managed to make it through some really tough financial times without any repos or orange jump suits because of our frugal nature.  Along the way I’ve discovered that not everyone lives the way we do, but a lot of people want to be debt-free. So we decided to blog about our world. And call it The Frugal Hippie because, well, that just makes sense. Here we share all sortsa ways to save money; in practical, for-real -doable ways.

You don’t have to have much to start living like a frugal hippie! Give our blog a follow for all kinds of tips for cooking, shopping, decorating, diy, gardening, weddings, and living a beautiful, free, and happy life without a lot of money.