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How to Dry Herbs like a Brit. Part One: Harvesting Herbs

So I don’t have a ton of talents…I’m a passable seamstress, half decent at massage, and I excel at sleeping. I’m like, super good, truck could run over my head, the-apocalypse-could- occur-and-I’d-miss-it kinda good at sleeping.

None of those, however, have a thing to do with this post.

What does is that I’m incredibly skilled at hoarding herb plants and doing absolutely nothing with them. Except smell them. A lot.
So this year I’ve decided to actually productively utilize the eighty gazillion herbs I have so skillfully hoarded in some other fashion besides shoving them up my nose.

Ere’s how.  (Saw the typo. Left it as it makes me sound like a Brit… and everyone knows a faux British accent makes you sound smarter).

-Harvest your herb of choice.  Also, be sure to emphatically pronounce the ‘H’ in herb so you can sound British too.

-Use a clean scissors. Sanitize with alcohol or you may inadvertently infect and spread all sorts of funk amongst your plants. Kinda like a five dollar trollop. Don’t be a trollop. But say trollop as that’s British.

-Cut just a bit above a set of leaves. This does double duty. You get your  harvest and the plant will shoot two new shoots from the one you cut. Effectively, you’re helping the herb grow bigger, badder, and bushier.

-Inspect your harvest thoroughly for insects. They particularly enjoy lurking on the underside of leaves. In the event that you find any scary bugs, see here on how to properly proceed. Unless you like eating them, in which case, I won’t judge. Blech! You nasty!

And now you have learned ‘ow ta hhharvest yer hhhherb hhhoard like a Brit.

Aren’t you excited to liven up your boring old fish and chips with some freshly harvested hhhhherbs?

Next up….Part Two:  Drying Your Harvest

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