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The Bearded Lady or Another One of Those Dag Bern Hippie Freaks

 I have a confession
 (other than the toilet paper tube hoarding thing discussed in a previous post).
I’ve always been attracted to the weird, the disproportionate, the oddities of the world.
  I look at the “freaks” of the world with the fascination of a child seeing Santa;
with wide-eyed, awestruck adoration.
Cult Classic Tod Browning’s Freaks
(One of the first things I noticed about Bealer was his freakishly massive hands.)

Perhaps there’s a feeling of kinship I have with the weirdos of the world…I’ve never been a cookie-cutter type.  Perhaps it’s the reminder that we’re all just a little different if we stop trying to be like the Joneses.  Maybe it’s because those who are unusual always have a great story to tell.
Though I haven’t yet figured out precisely why, I am utterly fascinated. I just can’t get enough.
So when I happened across a news article about a bearded lady today, ya’ know I had to see her.
I followed the link to her blog.
bearded lady mariam
Mariam of beardedwoman.wordpress.com
I must admit part of me went for the pictures, part for the story.
  But I stayed for Mariam’s personality.  What an incredible woman.
Perusing her site, I found that though we may have completely opposite “issues” with hair (she has “too much”, I say I have “too little”) we have many core values in common.
She has a host of posts about sustainable living,
peaceful community and believes thoroughly in Carpe Diem.
What a beautiful woman.  She has embraced herself completely.  She may be far outside of societal norms, but not only because she’s a female with a beard.  She’s comfortable with herself.  She actually likes herself.   Who of us hasn’t wondered what it would be like to have better arms or legs, bigger/smaller boobs, less cellulite, be taller/shorter, have fuller/thinner lips…insert your personal body grievance here.
Imagine the freedom she has.
How beautiful to truly accept yourself for exactly how you look.
 Imagine a life unhindered by external appearance.
Where could you go, what could you do, with that kind of freedom?

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