DIY Natural Wasp Killer Spray with Wasp in background

DIY Natural Wasp Killer Spray (Because Wasps Are Ninjas)

If the devil had a ninja attack squad, it would be comprised of wasps. Their floppy legs, angular bodies, permanent cranky stank face, and invisible kamikaze kung fu attack tactics bring terror to my very soul. Which is why we all need DIY Natural Wasp Killer Spray. When it comes to stinging insects, I’d rather … Read more

Grapevine Wreath DIY, Hot Farm Boy Optional

I’ve wanted to make a Grapevine Wreath for a gazillion years, but for some reason, suspected it would be an intensive process that required years of foraging knowledge, a hiking expedition up Everest, a chainsaw, full body armour, and a baby pool. Oddly, none of those things are necessary.     As it turns out, … Read more

Deadheading Flowers: Off With Their Heads! 

Deadheading Flowers: Grooming your garden   It’s oft been said to me that being Queen of the Universe must be a terrribly difficult position to hold, what with all the responsibility. But I can assure you, it’s not all bad. You get a nice chair. And your minions take care of all the mindless, exhausting … Read more

Herb o’ the Month: My Preeeeciouuuus Carol Salad Burnet

Lost in the dreary doldrum of winter, my eyes gaze out upon my dry, crunchy garden, brown silhouettes the only reminder of the once lush, invigorating kaleidoscope of life that filled those sturdy wooden boxes. Though only a few short months ago, it feels like eons since I’ve laid eyes on anything green. When fwaaaabaaaapppp! … Read more

Remember to Take Time to Stop & Smell the…

Butterflies. You thought I was gonna say roses didn’t chya? Well, in case you’ve never smelled a butterfly it’s a hint of sweet vanilla, and a bit of fresh watermelon with a musky sweet marjoram undertone. I know because yesterday I spent over an hour with one named Henrietta. You aren’t actually buying this are … Read more